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If you are feeling nostalgic about your Pembroke (Dock) Grammar School days, interested in contacting your former school friends or are just amused by the old Photos, then this is the place for you!

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1st Pembrokeshire Battalion-
Photo of the Officers of the Home Guard

Many thanks to Major R. W. Cullen (retired) for sending us this excellent group photo of the Officers of the 1st Pembrokeshire Battalion. It includes his father, Lt. W. C Cullen, who is featured in the photo on the top right. With the release of the new film version of' Dad's Army', it seems very appropriate!

The photo is labelled with the names of the officers, so CLICK HERE (or click on the photo) to get a very large version where you can see faces and read the names of each. Be sure to scroll all the way both horizontally and vertically to see al of the names. This is a great image. Perhaps you can spot someone from your family or the school. If so, please email us and tell us of your connections.

We have a Memories section where we are always looking for more contributions from past pupils, or their family members.

Officers of 1st Battalion Pembs Home Guard
Thank you, again, Major Cullen
for sending this to The Penvro!
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