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The Penvro team will be glad to publicise any forthcoming ex-pupil social functions here: whether they be individual form get togethers, whole-entry year or groups of years - even whole-school events!

Turning 60 is a bit of a milestone, so a group of former Pembroke Grammar School girls decided that this needed celebration, in this our special year.

We met on Sunday 5th July for lunch at the Kings Arms. For some of us, it was the first time since we left school over 40 years ago!! The years just rolled back and the memories flooded in. Some people's recollections of those times was amazing, although they probably can't remember what they did yesterday! Others claimed to have forgotten some of the naughtier things that they got up to. It was very sensible of the Kings Arms to have given us a room of our own as the noise and laughter levels reached epic levels. Never mind Rock the Castle, we rocked the town.

Contact us to discuss publicising your event. Photos of previous events are welcome and we will display them in the Reunions gallery on the Photos page as well. Don't forget to sign on to the database so we can send you information about REUNIONS and other social events! Just click on the Contact menu bar to fill out the form to let us know how to get in touch!

Our resolution is that we must all keep in touch and make this an annual event. Since some of us have posted the news and photos on our various Facebook pages, we have already been contacted by a couple of others who want to join us next year!

Thanks so much to Shan who organised this, no mean feat when some of us live quite a few miles from Pembrokeshire. Looking forward to next year already.

In the picture below are Lynne Badham (Clayton), Celia Morse (Thomas), Mary Enwright (McNally), Rosemary Thomas (Cook), Yvonne Williams, Jean .....(Davies), Linda Rogers (John), Pauline Davies (Mathias), Carol Corbett (Waterman), Siobhan Burton (Morrissey), Marion Francis ( Jenkins), Denise Pendleton, Rosemary Bateman ( Jones), Maureen Woosnam (Lewis), Shan Powell (Jones) and Frances Kingston.

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