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The Great War Roll of Honour

by Roger MacCallum
After the Great War, the school - in those days called Pembroke Dock County School - commissioned a roll of honour, carved in oak, to commemorate those former pupils who had served their country during the conflict. There are 185 names on this plaque, including 20 who lost their lives. There is also a plaque for WWII.

Many of the names are eminently recognisable ’local’ names. If anyone recognises a family member and would like us to include brief details of their service we would be pleased to do so. We have now added a similar plaque for those who gave their lives in WW2.

Both Rolls of Honour were originally housed in the Argyle St. building, and when the school moved to Bush, they were transferred and mounted at the entrance to the school Hall.
To view a FULL SCREEN version of the boards, click on the images below, then click again once on that page. Use your browser Back button to return here.

UPDATE!! Up until the demolition of the old campus and the contstruction of the new school, they had been at the top of the stairs leading to the Hall balcony. The previous Headmaster of Pembroke School, Mr. Frank Ciccotti, had kindly allowed us to photograph them.

Recently, Phil Carradice, during his WW1 researching came across the name of BSB Thomas whose name can be seen at the top in the right hand panel. Benjamin Thomas lived in Gwyther St. Pembroke Dock and although intending to enter the teaching profession, on the outbreak of war was commissioned into the Welsh Regiment becoming Capt. Benjamin Thomas. He was awarded the MC for gallantry at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. He subsequently obtained a transfer to the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 where he again served with distinction. Tragically, he was killed in October 1918 as a result of a mid-air collision.

Further details of this distinguished former pupil can be found in Phil's blog on BBC Wales History site Click on the graphic below It's worth returning to the Main index to see Phil's WWII collection of memories and photos.

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WWI Roll of Honour

WWII Roll of Honour

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